Forest School

Forest school:



Forest School has been an integral part of early years education in Scandinavia since the 1950’s. The philosophy is to provide young children with an education which encourages appreciation of our natural world and healthy outdoor habits and a responsibility for nature conservation in later life.


But it goes much further than that. It is by far the best initiative I have ever employed with young children. They learn differently outside, their independence and self esteem explodes and their wellbeing magnifies. They make new connections, both with their peers and their learning and understanding. They make their own choices, set themselves challenges and lead their own learning. They ‘grow’ more quickly.


The Meadows has been enjoying Forest School since 2003. Our first group was part of a research project undertaken by Sam Massey (now part of the senior management team at The Early Years and Childcare Service) to determine the benefit of Forest School for young children.


In October 2010 I spent a week in Denmark studying the Forest School ethos with a group from the Worcester Early years and Childcare Service. It was gratifying to see many of our routines and activities mirrored over there. But I also came back with new ideas and a renewed enthusiasm for Forest School and early years Education in general.